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Solo Pavers Expert, Inc. is run by Owner/Operator Maicon Cruz. With over 10 years experience in the paving industry, Mr. Cruz is a rare creative artist and skilled technician. His passion for “transforming the whole outside of the house” leads him to design creative, beautiful and unique layouts for his clients that make their homes stand out. Often, clients are amazed by the results and comment that the work is more beautiful than they themselves could have ever imagined.

Prior to starting his own business, Mr. Cruz worked for both large and smaller paving companies and realized that customers were not always prioritized. He started Solo Pavers Expert, Inc. in part because he knew he could provide excellent service in addition to his skills. Solo Pavers Expert, Inc. is dedicated to providing the utmost in customer service. We listen carefully to the needs and wants of our clients and offer personalized service to ensure that every question, concern and comment is answered.

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